November 12, 2018

IIS 7.0 or greater is required to install IIS SEO Toolkit 1.0

I downloaded the Search Engine Optimization Toolkit 64 bit installer from, and while trying to install at my PC with Windows 10, it was showing me this error:

 IIS Version 7.0 or greater is required to install IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit 1.0

After searcing, I found the following solution worked for me:

  • Find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\InetStp from RegEdit.
  • Right click on MajorVersion name and then click Modify...

    Edit regedit SEO
  • In decimal format, it is showing value 10. Change this value to 9 and click OK.

    Edit regedit SEO
  • Now try to install Search Engine Optimization Toolkit, it should be installed successfully.
  • After installing SEO Toolkit, revert the value of MajorVersion back to 10 and click OK.

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