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Hi, I am Senior Software Engineer, working on Microsoft .Net platform, main technical skills include C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Ajax, jQuery, MVC, WCF, HTML, JavaScript, etc. I have 8+ years of experience in developing Desktop Applications / Windows services / Web services / Web Applications. I’ve successfully delivered software products for both Windows and Web platforms, where I involved in coding & development and also in requirements analysis & design phase.

I am here to enhance and utilize my knowledge and skills with others which provides a field that offers technical and professional growth while being innovative and resourceful. My main passion is learning new technologies and sharing knowledge. On this blog you will find helpful information for development tips and tricks. So keep learning as there is no end to it.

I also provide web application development contracting services for remote clients. I have developed database driven web applications using ASP.NET and MS SQL Server 2005-2014, C#, 4.5 Framework. I will custom develop your entire web application and database and/or upgrade and convert an existing site to new ASP.NET technologies using C#. I understand that as development progresses, requirements can change. I practice Agile Development -- open communication with the client, encourage changes as we develop, and provide regular demonstrations so you can see the development in progress.

If my ability meets your requirements, please forward me with your requirement specifications/details, so that I can discuss with you regarding your business problems and might offer you optimized solutions.

Contact me at idrees.developer@gmail.com

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