August 30, 2015

PowerShell - Workflow

Workflow functionality with PowerShell gives you the benefits of automation capabilities.  For example, you need to perform a long-running task that combines multiple steps in a sequence, wrokflows will do the job.

For creating and calling, it is same like a function, lets define our first workflow
workflow Workflow1 {
"My workflow is started"
"Task1 is completed"
"Task2 will take some time - 5 seconds"
Start-Sleep -Seconds 5
"Task3 completed"
"Workflow completed"

We can run the workflow just like any other PowerShell function. It looks and acts just like a normal function. Simply call workflow as:

Output of our workflow is:
My workflow is started
Task1 is completed
Task2 will take some time - 5 seconds
Task3 completed
Workflow completed

We can use the PowerShell Get-Command to get details about the workflow we created.
Get-Command Workflow1

Adding -syntax parameter, will display the syntax tempalte for calling workflow.
Workflow1 [<WorkflowCommonParameters>] [<CommonParameters>]

If you have a large no of activities within a workflow, and at some point we want to save a particular state of the workflow. For this we need to simply call this cmdlet within the workflow:

Workflow is an extensive topic in PowerShell. Here I created a simplest workflow just for starting purpose. Hopefully will try to post more on this topic as I get time. If you want to read more on this topic please tell me by your valuable comments, that will help for future posts.

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