November 7, 2016

Crystal Reports - Arabic Text or RTL language not showing special characters in correct way.

While developing the Crystal Reports for Arabic language, I encountered the problem that if the Arabic text contains special characters like open/close parenthesis "()", square brackets "[]" or angle brackets "<>" etc., then it was not showing that text correctly while printing the reports. In this post I share what I did to fix my problem, in case if some one else encounter similar problem can benefit from.

For example, I have a text-object. Before setting this option, it was displaying text as follows:

To fix this formatting issue, please follow these steps:

  1. First right click on Text-Object and click on option "Format Object".

  2. Go to Paragraph Tab.

  3. In the Reading order section, check the option Right to Left. As shown below:

And its done. Now it should print the reports with special characters in appropriate state for RTL languages. As my text-object now display this way:


  1. Replies
    1. Please mention the case where it will not work. It may help other readers.